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Ship Heating Systems

Oil-fired hot water heater Type HWE

The HTI-Gesab hot water heater is built according to the regulations of the pressure vessel regulation and is designed as radiant heater with downstream convection heating surfaces as threepass system.

The pipe system, manufactured from boiler steel pipe, is surrounded by a gastight, welded sheet metal steel, a mineral wool insulation and a galvanized sheet metal case. The generously dimensioned radiant combustion chamber guarantees high operational life span of the boiler because it is not possible for the flames to touch the pipe system, thus avoiding local heating surface overload. The unit stands or lies on a stable base frame. The HTI-Gesab hot water heater is suitable for the combustion of commercially available liquid or gaseous fuels.

The HTI-Gesab hot water heater is delivered with all necessary connections for the monitoring and control equipment. Please see the valid dimension sheets for the dimensions, where dimensional changes or an adjustment to technical requirements are subject to change without notice.

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