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Ship Heating Systems

Electrically operated hot oil heater Type EHE

The HTI-Gesab electrically operated hot oil heater is built according to the regulations of DIN 4754, the pressure vessel regulation and the VDE regulations. The HTI-Gesab electrically operated hot oil heater consists of a pipe system, in which organic or synthetic heat transfer media are heated up according to the once-through principle. Flange heating elements are installed on the front side of a u-shaped pipe system.

The flow around the heating elements is chosen so that the permissible film temperature of the heat carrier medium is not exceeded. The pipe system is supported in itself and installed in a frame of profile steel. The insulation of mineral wool and final galvanized sheet metal case prevents unnecessary heat emission and is optimally designed. The HTI-Gesab electrically operated hot oil heater is delivered with all necessary connections for the monitoring and control equipment. Please see the valid dimension sheets for the dimensions, where dimensional changes or an adjustment to technical requirements are subject to change without notice.

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