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Ship Heating Systems

Exhaust gas hot water heater Type AWE

The HTI-Gesab exhaust gas hot water heater serves as heat exchanger between hot exhaust gases and heat transfer medium. The heating surface consists of several coaxially mounted cylindrical pipe baskets.

The pipe cylinders are supported both mutually and against the flue gastight welded, round boiler shell. The weight of the pipe system is transferred to the boiler shell via a heavy support frame. The design is particularly suitable for ship operation.

When installing on ships, attention must be paid that the heater must be installed vibration-damped. This includes heater fastening and the connection with the pipe systems. The arrangement must be agreed with HTI-Gesab. A round fl ange of flat-rolled steel is welded on both sides of the sheet steel boiler shell. The respective counter flange, including screws, nuts and seals is part of the delivery scope. A compact carrier design, which will be designed according to orderer’s choice, is used for installation in the existing on-site steel construction.

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