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Land Heating Systems

High-speed steam generator Type HDE

The HTI-Gesab high-speed steam generator is built according to the Technical Regulations for Steam Boilers. The TÜV (German Technical Control Board) regulations for material quality and processing are complied with.

The HTI-Gesab high-speed steam generator is a flow steam generator which works according to the Benson principle. The pipe system is manufactured from boiler steel pipe, is surrounded by a gastight, welded sheet metal steel, a mineral wool insulation and a galvanized sheet metal case. The unit stands or lies on a stable base frame.

A reciprocating pump, which is controlled together with the burner, supplies only as much water to the evaporator pipe system as the burner supplies warmth for the evaporation. As a result of the precise tuning of the pump and burner output, as well as the low water content in the pipe system, the HTI-Gesab high-speed steam generator provides the projected quantity of saturated steam within a few minutes.

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