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THT-Steam Boiler

Technology for the palm oil industry

Technology for the palm oil industry

THT high pressure steam generators in type NDK natural circulation procedures are applied where ever high process temperatures with steam are required. Various application areas are produced for the palm oil and bio-diesel refinery sector. The new generation high-pressure steam generators further developed by HTI-Gesab have created basic improvements and thus advantages for the customer.

Oil/Gas-fired natural steam boiler Type NDK

Radiative heat transfer boilers for high-pressure steam in the natural circulation system without the use of an additional feed water or forced circulation pump for the pressure range of 80 bar and 95 bar. The boiler pressure chamber consists of vertical rising pipes which are welded into ring headers top and bottom and lie gas-tight close together.

The pressure chamber consists of two pipe baskets which are connected with each other via steam and condensate pipes. The pipe baskets are installed tension-free in a gastight welded flue gas casing. The boiler can only be delivered in standing design as the natural circulation system does not function in lying design. The boiler is equipped with a sturdy steel substructure. It is therefore not necessary to lay a foundation on-site. The boiler can be erected on a concrete floor with normal load capacity. The load per area unit is between 1-2 kg/cm˛. The demountable boiler allows easy and thorough cleaning of the combustion chamber and the two flues. The boiler is fitted with heat insulation of mineral wool which is clad in structured aluminium sheet. The choice of material and manufacture are compliant with valid regulations for steam boilers.

A pressure test certificate is obtained from the TÜV for every boiler. The basis for the design and construction is the Technical Regulations for Steam Boilers (TRD). All welds are conducted in accordance with DIN 8563, Part 3 evaluation group CS and DIN 8562. The boiler can only be operated in a closed steam-condensate circulation. The necessary feed water must correspond with the requirements of TRD 611. The pressure chamber is manufactured from seamless pipes, material St35.8.

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