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THT-Steam Boiler

Natural electric steam boiler

Electrically heated high-pressure steam generator based on the natural circulation principle without forced circulation pump necessary. Therefore this steam generator can only be operated in a hermetically closed steam-condensate circuit and should be filled with demineralised- or distilled water acc. TRD 611 exclusively.

Due to given physical conditions the boiler has to be of vertical design.

Our NDK pressure part is formed by vertical pressure tubes in which the electro heating flanges are installed. Pressure tubes lead into a joint steam header and are connected in upper part by condensate lines. The tube-system is stress-free mounted into a flue gastight boiler casing made of welded steel sheets and painted in RAL colour.

A solid base-frame construction allows to place the boiler on a plain pressure-proof floor without requiring any special foundation.

Each generator is provided with high-quality thermal insulation material covered by structured aluminium sheets.

The design of our steam generator as well as used materials and manufacturing procedures are in accordance with TRD-regulations (technical rules for steam boilers).

Consequently all welding fulfil the requirements of DIN EN ISO 5817.

The boiler will be delivered with a certificate of German TÜV authorities.

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