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Industrial sectors and applications

Precast concrete industry

  • The sand and gravel silos require heating so that the moist material does not freeze
  • The mixing water is warmed up to accelerate the setting of the concrete
  • After pouring the concrete, the vibrating tables, drying chambers and formwork are heated for quick setting

Asphalt and bitumen plants

  • The storage and mixing tanks must be heated to retain the flowability of the asphalt, respectively the bitumen
  • The same applies to the pipe lines and dispensing stations, which require an accompanying heating
  • Heating of pitch tanks
  • Manufacture of roofi ng paper

Food industry

  • Heating of baking ovens in large bakeries
  • Heating of deep fryers to fry meat and fi sh, as well as for the manufacture of potato chips and crisps
  • Deodorising of oils and fats
  • Distillation and fractioning processes
  • Heating of cooking cauldrons through indirect steam generation via heat transfer oil
  • Blood processing in large slaughterhouses or butcheries

Textile industry

  • Heating of dryers for tenter frames and dyeing vats
  • Indirect steam generation to vaporize carpet fi bres
  • Heating for calenders


  • Bath heating

Chemical industry

  • Heating of stirring cauldrons and reaction receptacles as well as cooling with the same heat transfer
  • Heating of sea water de-salination plants
  • Wax candle manufacture
  • Soap manufacture
  • Heating of defrosting containers, countercurrent apparatus to generate warm or hot water, respectively steam
  • Heating for autoclaves

Coating industry

  • Drying of printed foils
  • Adhesive bonding of foils
  • Wallpaper industry
  • Roller and calender heating in the paper and cardboard industry

Timber industry

  • Press heating for the manufacture of particle boards
  • Melting container heating

Laundries and hospital plants

  • Indirect steam generation via heat transfer oil to heat washing and distillation plants


  • Heating of all heat exchangers to maintain ship operations such as, e.g. heavy oil tanks, separators, end pre-heaters, lubricating oil pre-heaters, generation of hot water and steam, heating for air-conditioning systems and similar
  • Cargo heating such as e.g. for pitch tankers, bitumen tankers, crude oil tankers and special chemicals
  • Dual circuit systems for chemical tankers

Heat recovery plants

  • Heat recovery after thermal afterburning plants
  • Exhaust gas heater after diesel motors

Automobile industry

  • Heating of drying systems for individually required processes such as coating processes, temperature testing units for clock-controlled load heating

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